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A touch pricey

Good god.
Twelfth Monkey

Hey, it fits in Racing's theoretical 20k...
Racing Teatray

Hahaha. I remember going to see the MG Turbo when it was launched in Rome (we were living there at the time). Can't have been more than 5 at the time but I remember it being bright orange with deep black side skirts.

The first Mrs PG had a white MG Metro (way back in 1988). At the time it was a step up from the knackered Mini that preceded it. But now? I think times have rather moved on and in no way would I ever consider an MG Metro / Turbo a desirable classic to spunk 18k on. Or even 1.8k.

That price is truly comical.
Bob Sacamano

God loves a trier. Good luck to them.
Bryan M

Have seen their other prices - 180k for a 911 turbo!!

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