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Big TC

A thread for the WORST tv adverts

This one has me reaching for the remote to turn the sound down, or change chanels. I'd put the little fucker up for adoption.

Any others that make you angry/sad/sick? Or all 3?

There are so many though.....

Can't think of the product at the moment, but the one where the brat is squalling then the mum throws herself on the ground and does the same!

What annoys me is, brat shiuts up, they walk way.. and she doesn't pick up the box brat threw on the floor!!


The adverts for Wings or somesuch.

Woman on the blob, riding a motorbike while wearing white jeans, goes into the bog, does her business and comes out with a big smile on her face while still zipping up her jeans.

She didn't wash her hands then did she?    

Boxer6, that one is Vicks First Defense and i think its quite a good one.

And TimR i remember that one.  Anything to do with sanny towels is wrong if you ask me.

I don't make a habit of watching adverts. That's what mute buttons and remore controls were invented for.

All those gold into cash ones get on my tits. And the ambulance chaser ones, as well!

The new Yahoo one  i find v annoying - not to Go Compare levels - but still annoying.
The genre of ads i really hate is  any mobile networks ones  -Yahoo  ad reminds me of these .

Go compare every time -;playnext_from=PL&index=94

closely followed by Big TC's choice.      

can't stand that lanky dragon Peter Jones fooker on the comparison site advert thing Hasn,t he got enough money ?
Big TC

"Go Compare...."

Like, as in comparing different methods as to how to assassinate the 'opera singer'?

There's a new one from the RSPCA advertising a service to look after your pet for free if you die. The woman selling it looks at least 15-20 years younger than my grandparents, surely she's going to outlive the dog! Unless she is terminally ill. I hate adverts that leave too many unanswered questions.

I've also heard one on the radio with some woman with a sexy voice asking you to visit kie thats C I A What sort of idiot thought up such a poorly pronounced name they have to spell it out to ensure people go to the right place? Hope someone got fired for that.

The Nintendo Wii ads just because they've got And and Dec on them.

I'm sure the commentary is just as irritating as those two little wankers.

Big TC wrote:
"Go Compare...."

Like, as in comparing different methods as to how to assassinate the 'opera singer'?

I favour strangling him with his handlebar 'tach!
Humphrey The Pug

Anyone seen the new Renault ad, I first saw it last night.

Fuck me it's shit, Tina said it was in the style of one of the begging ads, sponsoring a child in Africa, it was made to make you feel guilty:

What in the hell has the new Astra ad got to do with the car?

When I first saw the new Audi advert with the A6, before I could tell what it was, I'd hoped Vauxhall had decided to get a decent ad agency on board, but obviously not.

Trying to make an Astra seem interesting is like trying to make Janet Street Porter attractive.

That Go Compare man has had Swine Flu it seems.  He's meant to be a proper Tenor, though selling his soul to do an ad like that may have ruined his career.

I did my mams insurance through Go Compare and then I did my own too. Saved money both times.50+ for mine.   I'll use them again.

I hate that crap at Pauls one and I hope that little kid never lives it down.
Big TC

woof woof wrote:
I hate that crap at Pauls one and I hope that little kid never lives it down.

Yes - let the little fucker rue the day forever that his parents signed the consent form.

You can imagine him when he's in his twenties, having been rejected again when the girl finds out he was in THAT ad, having dark thoughts about blowing their brains out with a Kalashnikov.

Lindt adverts. Poncy, wanky chocolate.

'Do you dream in chocolate?'

What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Surely, you can dream of chocolate? Or have a dream where you are in chocolate? But not 'dream in chocolate'.

I'm pretty sure that makes no sense grammatically.

Everest Windows.
Some Irish fellow telling me I didn't expect Everest to do that today, did I?

No I didn't, I have no expectations of Everest Windows at all as the only time I have heard of your company is in your crappy adverts! Now feck off!

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