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A non breakdown?

A couple of Saturdays ago I got into the Nissan, pushed the clutch in as required and the pedal hit the floor hard.  

Events got in the way of me doing anything about it promptly but a few days later after a bit of fiddling about, starting the engine, pumping the pedal, etc resulted in no improvement so off to Nissan it has gone.

I can't remember the technicalities of a non-breakdown but the engine ran fine.

Nissan have had a look at it, can find nothing obviously wrong - no hydraulic leaks for example - so have decided that the next option is to remove the gearbox.

I wait with baited breath to see what the result of that is but there was no prior warning of whatever has gone wrong.

Perhaps this is payback for test driving the Mustang?

Sounds like the clutch fork has punched through its pivot, hence need for gearbox removal.

Failure to proceed is a breakdown, I am afraid!
Chocy Rocky

Is it still under warranty?
I does sound like a hydraulic problem, like a failed master or slave cylinder, maybe.
Did you try pulling the pedal up?
Have they got back to you?

Clutch pivot failure is common on that Nissan. Sudden failure of the pedal dropping to the floor without obvious hydraulic problems means it is likely. I am sure they will have checked the slave operation before removing the gearbox.

No news yet, they've had staff sickness issues apparently.
The car is under warranty

I effectively pumped the pedal up and down a few times with the engine running but it made no difference.
They said last week they'd had a good look and there were no obvious leaks, however I did have to top up the reservoir after it happened (I hadn't even thought of checking it but the handbook recommends it). Still made no difference.

I collected the car 20 minutes ago.

They've finally managed to do the service and fix the problem which was..........

.............. a knackered clutch slave cylinder.
God knows why that took 3 weeks to sort out and I presume they actually didn't remove the gearbox.
I was starting to wonder if they'd managed to damage it but a thorough check doesn't reveal any signs of repair.

Interesting. Some clutches have the slave inside the bell housing necessitating gearbox removal. I think this design is ridiculous but manufacturers keep doing it.

Hopefully that is it for a while.

Hopefully, the garage haven't filled me with confidence

TreVoR wrote:
Interesting. Some clutches have the slave inside the bell housing necessitating gearbox removal. I think this design is ridiculous but manufacturers keep doing it.

Hopefully that is it for a while.

Depends if it's the manufacturer driving it or the parts supplier. It could also be a way of saving space, especially if you're trying to cram a big V6 or V8 engine into the bay of a car for which 90% of models are fitted with 4 cyl engines.
Resident Spanner

Cheaper to make and a smaller package.

No comfort when you're trying to wrestle a gearbox out because the master cylinder has failed and the bits floated down into the slave mind...a nice Ford Fusion did that to me the other month.

Looking through the paperwork they gave me yesterday it appears the slave cylinder is in the gearbox.
How inconvenient.

Good that it happened under warranty.

Seems a well known problem.

This explains it =

also you had better luck than this guy -

A bit like Merc autoboxes going around 100K......

When I told my mechanic friend what the symptoms were that was what he diagnosed.

I'm a bit pissed off about it for another reason though.
The trip meter sits just below the mileometer and reads to 5 digits including the 1/10th of a mile and I'd remembered to zero the trip at 20,000 miles so that at 22,222 miles the trip would also read 2,222.2.
I was going to photograph it but this happened at 21,600 and they clearly had to disconnect the battery as part of removing the gearbox which reset the trip to zero  

In addition there was a Nismo 370 on the forecourt when I collected the car and it wasn't quite as brash 'in the flesh' as I expected......

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