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Eff One

A month in the mountains - Whistler 2011

A selection of pics from an epic (and marathon) four weeks' skiing. Whistler is North America's biggest ski resort and generally held to be among the world's best. It's in the Pacific Ranges, about 80 miles north of Vancouver.

Humphrey The Pug

Lovely, I've been skiing once when I was about 15 and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Doesn't interest Tina one bit and TBH it's not a cheap thing to do .

I've only been skiing once stateside in Vail and loved it.  Whistler looks spectacular.

Great shots. It makes you realise how small your are as a human to see a landscape as monumental as that in the background.
Eff One

Humphrey The Pug wrote:
TBH it's not a cheap thing to do.

That, from my point of view, is undoubtedly the understatement of the year.
Humphrey The Pug

Our friend is out in France at the moment skiing, on the second day a rather fat man crashed into her and broke a ligament in her ankle, ouch.

It wouldn't stop me going again but I hear loads of horror stories about leg breaks, arm breaks and other injuries whilst skiing.

Great pics, especially the one with the deep, untouched snow and he very clear blue sky.  Lovely!
Eff One

Roadsterstu wrote:
Great pics, especially the one with the deep, untouched snow and he very clear blue sky. Lovely!

Yes, I'm quite proud of that one - overall my wife took more pictures than me, but that's one of mine.

For anyone who's been to Whistler, that pic (second from bottom) is of Harmony Ridge between the trees, with Harmony chairlift just visible in the foreground. Taken right at the end of our last full day, Friday 18 February.

For any photography geeks, all these photographs were taken with a dinky little Casio Exilim, all of 70 worth.

Lovely pics and amazing quality for such a budget camera. I would love to return to Whistler. how was it aside from the obviously fantastic skiing?
Eff One

DetmoldDick wrote:
how was it aside from the obviously fantastic skiing?

Put it this way. Aside from Whistler, my skiing experience has been entirely based in French mega-resorts - the Three Valleys, Val d'Isere, and Les Arcs. I have good memories from all of them, but I can't think of a single reason to go back. Especially since British Columbia is littered with smaller alternatives - friendly, attractive resorts serving magnificent terrain to suit a variety of abilities.

Whistler has its flaws - chief among them being a lift system which gets strained on very busy days and lift passes in second mortgage territory. But in every area that counts (friendliness of staff and locals, quality and price of food and accommodation, safety, lift queue etiquette/organisation, etc) it's in a different league to the French biggies.

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