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60 ans de la 2CV - A tribute

2008 is the official 60th anniversary of the launch of the Citroen 2CV, and to celebrate, a special exhibition has been mounted at the Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie, which is just inside the Peripherique, by the Porte de Villette, in Paris. The exhibition runs until the middle of November, so I went along on Sunday to have a look. I was delighted to discover that for some reason (and none was given), admission to the whole centre was free of charge for the whole weekend.

Here's the report:

Looks like an interesting 'exposition', Colin, although I can't claim to be a great 2CV enthusiast.
Dr. Hfuhruhurr

A friend of mine races 2CVs - his racer is a wild raw beast (even by 2CV standards), but he also has one with a GS flat-four

I know someone who races 2CVs as well (I say that but I've not seen him for years) and I drove his car at Bruntingthorpe once.

I'm ashamed to say that I thoroughly disgraced myself by mysteriously stalling the car every time I tried to change from first to second, only for it to be pointed out to me when, after about the fourth time of shuddering to a halt, they came to see what the problem was, that I'd left the handbrake on....  

I also still have a small scar on one of my knuckles from where I ripped the skin off my finger on a sharp dashboard edge while trying to change gear.

Like I said, I don't like 2CVs....

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