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3 best things you bought this year (excluding cars)

1. The furminator ...the best grooming tool for long haired dogs ,how did I manage before ?

2. A telescopic ladder did I mange before ,packs away in a small bag and I genuinely wonder why it took me so long to buy one.

3. Close call but the sennheiser momentum headphones although not cheap are so good I sold my entire Arcam  system,a special mention to the monitor audio soundbar ,these were £1000 18 months ago but can be had for £400 and its a superb soundbar ..better than sonos etc and actually sounds wonderful with music as well.It is a bit big and unsightly though.

1.  Quad mounted fertiliser spreader.  The grass has been great this year and due to the roots being in a lot better condition, the horses aren't poaching the ground anywhere nearly as badly as last year.

2.  2.6 tonne utility trailer - bargain at £500 then about the same to get roadworthy.  Saves a lot of effort loading the lorry with small bales when I can get two or three big bales in the trailer. Halves the forage cost for the winter too which means the trailer is paid for in two seasons use.

3.  Swing away wheel carrier for the Land Rover. There are no rattles from the back door or squeaking hinges due to the he weight of the spare. Happy days.

1. An aero grade aluminium Scotty Cameron divot tool that cost me £9.   Simply fantastic and so effective and easy.

2. A new set of Mizuno JPX Forged irons - they are better than me but I am now shaping shots and melting it down the middle. I look forward to trying to push their limits.

3. A Hans Grohe shower for the en-suite which we happened upon in a sale and ended up saving nearly 50%. It's like showering in a hot tropical storm without the wind. I was Googling the shower when we were in the shop and no-one came near the price (it was a one day extra 20% off day)

I've not bought much this year when I think about it, money has been spent on other things.

The best 3 things are:

- Bespoke Suit.  Something I've thought about for a while, but never got round to doing, I was expecting it to be good but it's amazing how well it fits.

- B&O H2 Headphones.  Sound fantastic and great for travelling. (Don't use them at home)

- North Face Coat.  Can't believe I've put clothing on the list (twice!), but it's amazing.  I've had a couple before, but this one is in another league for comfort and warmth, without making you too hot.  Expensive, but well worth it.
Frank Bullitt

1. Bailey Pegasus 430/4 caravan - something I've wanted to do for a while to be honest and don't regret it one little bit despite it not having been anywhere for three months now!

2. PS3 - secondary be hand from my mate, I am not a 'gamer' but as FB Junior gets older it was a chance too good to miss.

3. Panasonic Viera 4K LED TV (51" I think) - lovely, and means the 37" can go in the spare room so that me and the boy can grow out man-cave
Twelfth Monkey

A cracking lunar meteorite, the remap and a Philips Pronto 9800 learning remote.  These were comfortably north of a grand new (even the two-down model I bought nearly a decade ago was £600), and they were discontinued because of the small market that existed for such high end items/fripperies around 2008.  But they make using a complicated system a joy, and I love being able to customise every single aspect.
Big Blue

BMW luggage: OGIO stuff on sleds plus 2 roll-up suit carriers and a wash-case  

Shares in a service company that have doubled in value

Day at Ron Haslam race school.

Christ, I bought myself a couple of t shirts and pair of trainers this year...

It would have to be three of my predecimal coins.   Haven't bought many this year, but did spend a bit of money recently on three old shillings, extending my collection of monarchs backwards through William & Mary, James II and Charles II.  

They aren't in exceptional condition but they are good honest coins that have clearly passed through many hands during the 17th century and beyond, and I'm very pleased to be their custodian.  

1692 William & Mary shilling - note date in the centre of the coin, and conjoined busts of the joint Monarchs:

1685 James II shilling:

1676 Charles II shilling:
Chris M Wanted a V-10

1. Panasonic GF-7 compact system camera, bought over the internet from Hong Kong at a price that still hasn't been beaten by any UK-based seller; proved a great hit on my holiday as it does sweep panorama shots with ease as well as the usual stuff.

2. Samsonite suitcase, bought for my holiday and was just large enough to get everything in when it came to packing to return home.

3. Just a few weeks ago, a new pair of spectacles but with vari-focal lenses so I no longer have to peer over the top of the lenses or take them off to read.  Without a doubt the most expensive pair of specs I have ever bought at £400 but I adapted to them straight away unlike a majority of "users", apparently.

I don't think I've bought anything of note. Not that I can recall anyway.

BeN wrote:
I don't think I've bought anything of note. Not that I can recall anyway.

Aye, you want to stay away from them; nasty habit of blowing up apparently!    
canadian bacon

a can of this.....Tenants super be damned...

I just purchased one of these:

it'll go nicely with my D type

One of these....

I may have chipped my wifes favourite bowl, so getting a replacement may just save my life

Chris M Wanted a V-10

Boxer6 wrote:
BeN wrote:
I don't think I've bought anything of note. Not that I can recall anyway.

Aye, you want to stay away from them; nasty habit of blowing up apparently! †

He didn't buy a Nissan, he bought a Toyota
Bob Sacamano

1. Marantz M-CR611 Melody Network Media player. Hooked it up to the B&W speakers we've got in the ceiling of two of our rooms and it sounds superb. Streams Spotify faultlessly and also gives us access to all the digital stations our old Denon system didn't.

2. Google Chromecast. Cost £30 I think. Moved the aforementioned Denon set up and speakers upstairs to my office and plugged this into the back. Dead easy to set up and I can now stream Spotify and digital radio through what is a 20 year old system. Sounds great too.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Just love it, the Gear VR kit that came with it is pretty impressive - great camera too.
Andy C

New tv

Some nice , bright, †rare adidas originals

A  set of †mizuno irons - †second hand from the (excellent) local driving range shop. Will need re-gripping soon but They were an absolute bargain and a great †set of clubs

1. Our first house (owned not rented at last!)
2. Our first dishwasher (how did I cope with so much washing up for so long?!)
3. Our Panasonic 4K telly.

Can't recall buying anything of significance this year - just been maintenance stuff - I expect I've had some new clothes but I don't buy them.

Not much really, in the grand scheme of things.

1. An Elliott Brown 'Bloxworth' watch. I'd been looking at these and some Christopher Ward options; plumped for this one in the end simply as I preferred the looks and simplicity of it.

2. Bit of a cheat this, but two biggish R/C model aircraft kits; one electric, the other glow engined. Now I've passed my Bronze safety award and can fly solo (and much better than ever before) it seemed appropriate to buy some better quality kit to fly.

3. Nothing else really.  

Christopher Ward C70 Van Wall watch, Naim Muso Qb and, maybe, Evan's xmas present to be, an Xbox One. I've never been into gaming but I might give this a go and get myself some games.
That's 3 pretty expensive things and it's far out of the ordinary for me!

Re: 3 best things you bought this year (excluding cars)

franki68 wrote:
1. The furminator ...the best grooming tool for long haired dogs ,how did I manage before ?

2. A telescopic ladder did I mange before

Must be a big dog.

My top 3:

1 - Lego for Mini D. She loves it, I love that she loves it. We love doing it together.

2 - Ipad Mini. Mostly because I can now get my phone back off Mini D. Really need to use it to it's full potential though.

3 - Keter garden storage. We don't have a big place so I moved a load of stuff outside and the Keter stuff is brilliant; lightweight but robust, easy to build and (so far) it's standing up well to the elements.

Land based stuff -
1) An ex demonstrator Countax A25 ride on mower - as our old Westwood died in a big way in September.
2) We've ordered a new quadbike - it should be here in the New Year. Made possible by an end of year great deal from Suzuki.
3) Spray boom kit for use with a quad bike - die you weeds!
Chris M Wanted a V-10

PG wrote:
.... our old Westwood died in a big way in September.

Con-rod through block??? I think we deserve some photos if "yes".....

Re: 3 best things you bought this year (excluding cars)

PhilD wrote:
franki68 wrote:
1. The furminator ...the best grooming tool for long haired dogs ,how did I manage before ?

2. A telescopic ladder did I mange before

Must be a big dog.

My top 3:

like it.

we didnt call her digby for nothing


1...a new roof for the house. The old slates were cracking and moving under heavy rain and wind so we've invested £3k on a complete new roof, insulation and fascia boards

2...2 new sofas. The old ones were thread bare in places and their colour no longer coordinated with the colour scheme we had chosen for the front roon, so an early year trip to DFS and their sale found us 2 new 2-seaters which now compliment the room really rather nicely now

3...copies of Modern Classics magazine. Great read, just the type of car magazine I like and brings back happy memories. Will consider a subscription in the new year now that the magazine has changed to monthly issues in place of bi-monthly

Err, I bought a new coffee machine recently. Not very exciting, but slightly less faffsome than the old one as it's automatic rather than manual...

Oh yeah, bought one of them Dyson heater blowy things when the heating packed up the other week. It's rubbish. Heats up about a square foot of the room it's placed in, meaning if you're about 18" away from it you're still freezing!
Humphrey The Pug

Not a great deal really:

1. Samsung 4k telly; wow the 4k picture is amazing and the quick and simple smart functions make the clunky Tivo box redundant when it comes to watching catchup, Netflix etc.

2. S7 Edge; fantastic in every way, the wife has been a Samsung phone fan for yonks, I know why now.

3. X Box One; used to have a 360 but sold it due to not using it much, bought the One as I fancied getting back into it and I also had more time, still not a nerd and can go a few days without going on it, however I love that it is there when I want.

Oh wait. I got a new iPhone 7 this year. Which is...almost about the same as the iPhone 6. Hopefully it won't be as unreliable though...
Racing Teatray

I am struggling to think of anything particularly noteworthy. I am not a keen shopper and I generally already have everything I want. Also I tend to have expensive tastes, so I buy things that last and only replace them when they are worn out/break.

Thinking about it hard...

1. Pair of tortoiseshell Persol sunglasses, which I wear a lot;

2. A dark blue and brown lightweight Corneliani scarf that has also been worn heavily; and

3. A sailing holiday in Croatia in July which was truly lovely.

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