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Big Blue

2 stories in Autosport....

.....that make you long for the dwarf to pop his clogs!

1. Hockenheim was effectively a commercial disaster, with almost ˝ the turn out of the previous week's motoGP race. Bernie doesn't really give a shit as obviously the heritage and manufacturing of Azerbaijan will step straight into the hole left by Germany.

2. Monza are having to put in place a strategy and structure package that will suit Bernie or he'll remove the Monza race from the calendar. Even the teams were aghast at that one, let alone the tifosi.

Let's look at Dorna and their comparable product. They also have cost and development issues, which have basically culminated in this and last season's HRC Hondas being unbeatable as the big H just chucks money at them; they have introduced a 2nd tier of bike and will look to have more customer-built-with-factory-bits bikes next year and beyond. Instead of looking to spread the word of motoGP to the deserts, tundra and backwaters of the world they actually have 3 races in Spain, 2 in Italy and the usual European suspects as well as Japan, Australia, the USA and others.The Czech GP looks like it may drop out next year but that's realism on the part of the promoter of the race as opposed to the greed of Dorna.

I wonder what F1 will look like in 10 year's time.

I think the sole problem here is one of greed within F1 (not just Bernie) - against the heritage and history of the sport as we know it.
How much are Azerbaijan paying just for the 'privilege' of being allowed to host a race?

F1 are effectively only doing what Ferrari (by selling loads of branded items that aren't cars), BMW, AMG, etc. have been doing.

I think Mr E says a lot of things then goes and does something else in practice. According to a lot of the rumours, Spa, Silverstone and others would have disappeared by now – but they haven’t.

Germany is an interesting case in point. The German Grand Prix has struggled at both venues for a number of years; ticket sales have been weak and both places are mired in debt; but Bernie has reportedly lowered the fees to keep Germany on the schedule. If he was so ready to ditch a traditional Grand Prix, this would have been a perfect opportunity to do so.

My main concern about the German GP is that it appears that the Nurburgring will be the permanent home of the race in the future. The Hockenheim is much better for racing than the current Nurburgring layout, so it would be a shame if Hockenheim disappeared.

I welcome the return of the Mexican Grand Prix. That layout is brilliant and I hope they don’t sanitise the final turn. I don’t mind new Formula 1 races if the existing classic races are preserved. This is why I think people who are adamant that the calendar shouldn’t expand should be careful what they wish for. Realistically Mr E won’t stop taking F1 to new places, so the teams shouldn’t insist on an arbitrary cap unless they want Ecclestone to do what he has threatened for some time (even though I think some of it is hot air). It is clear that schedule in the future will go beyond 20 events in the near future, and I wouldn’t mind that – the more racing the better!  

As for Azerbaijan, one has to believe the circuit will be much better than the Baku Street Circuit used for the Blancpain GT Sprint Series and GT3-spec cars. F1 cars would look awfully clumsy around that particular layout.

Monaco is the one they need to get shot of.
Big TC

simonp wrote:
Monaco is the one they need to get shot of.

I agree, but it's the least likely to be dropped.

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