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Chris M Wanted a V-10

"Superman" Alex Zanardi strikes gold again in Rio

"I feel very lucky, I feel my life is a never-ending privilege," said Zanardi.

There's just no stopping some people, you really have to admire his determination (it's not just luck, Alex).

"When it was announced that the venue would be Brands Hatch in 2012, I thought: 'Wow, it's a circuit I always loved, I raced fast there, but I never won a race there. Maybe it's time to go back and win something.' And that happened.

"When it was announced the 2016 Olympic stadium and important facilities would be built on the land where we used to have the IndyCar circuit, I said: 'Wow. That is a circuit I always loved and always been super-fast on.' I got my first very pole position there 20 years ago but never manged to win a race.

Maybe,' I thought, 'it's time to go back and put that straight. And it has really happened. Exactly the same story. For a romantic guy like me, this is quite special."

What a guy, what an athlete, what a racer. I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago when he raced an adapted BMW Z4 at Brands Hatch. He was very open with fans and on that day he was pretty competitive for someone who wasn’t racing full-time.

In racing circles he’s known for something known quite simply as the pass at Laguna Seca – worth checking out.

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