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Racing Teatray

"liable to break down at any time"

An interesting statement to make in an advert for a car!

Quite cheap for a Tuscan with an engine rebuild.
Alf McQueef

The Tuscan was possibly the best car they made in my book, it got some good reviews too, though the comment about the breakdown potential is about right. Shame it was never developed/made properly, it's a great looking car. ISTR Steve Sutcliffe having a soft spot for these.

Interesting advert.  I rather like the restrained grey set against the deep red interior.

Wonder what the chassis is like...  

I still prefer the Griffith / Chimera era TVR's. I think the Tuscan and those that followed went a bit too extreme. But I do live the paint / interior combo.

They have some seriously nice  - but bloody expensive - cars at that garage. The CSK range rover at 45k would be a nice one to have.

But I really like the Series 1 Daimler Double Six. Still my favourite car interior.

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